9 comments on “continued fraud artist: TristinStorm

  1. He’s done all of this and MORE.

    Don’t fall for his shit. I paid the ultimate price. I didn’t even believe him, and I KNEW who he was, I’d already read Cherry’s post about him on her Facebook. I was on my account for nearly 5 years, and he got my IP adress, hacked my account, started ripping textures, and got it BANNED. And how did he do this? He can see your IP address from anything he’s near, i.e if you’re in the same chat room with him, he can see it. Your home page, he can see it. Got him on Skype? Too late, he’s already got your IP address. I don’t know who SENT him to find me, because, quite frankly, I had never spoken to the man a day in my life. One day he just showed up in a room I was in, invited me to his group, and the rest is history. I tried to play nice with him, but feared the worst, And then it happened. All I did was tell him “NO” one night, when he claimed to be high. He came on to me very strongly, and I asked him to please back off, and respect myself, and my relationship with my real life fiance. 2 days later, my account, and my fiance’s account, was banned. Almost 5 years worth of work, around 5k of real life money, GONE in the blink of an eye.

    • IP address would have nothing to do with getting you banned, your ip address is accessable to anyone who runs a website. Sounds like this dude has friends higher up in imvu’s staff in order to ban you and your fiance so quickly. What was the reason of the banning given?

  2. Machine is an alt, so is Knifeplay. Knifeplay said Machine was his alt. So we know those two are obviously connected. Knifeplay made one bad move though. He used stolen pictures, we have all seen Catfish right? After running a google image search, I came up with this profile.


    Also, brought up numerous pages, since this guy is in a band.

    Tristin would constantly talk about Knifeplay and say how they messaged each other all the time. I was on a voice call with him and when I showed him this Dali Kubrick facebook page, he got extremely defensive. Started freaking out about how people need to stay away from people’s personal lives, but when he pointed at the blonde girl in one of the pictures, he said to me. “You know who that is? CherryRed” Lol. Yeah. Okay. Then also, was saying how Plaztique and a few others, including CherryRed were spamming facebook with his daughter’s photo. Somehow I find this unlikely.

    I did give this “KnifePlay” benefit of the doubt, just as a quick test. I asked him if he played music or anything. Here is the kicker, he says “Yes, with a few friends” So I asked if he sang, played guitar, or what. “Oh well I can’t sing at all!”

    Facebook page, obviously busted.

    Tristin’s real facebook page too, under his friends, he has liked many accounts he has stolen pictures off of, including this Dali fellow.


    He isn’t very clever and has made numerous threats saying he can hack into bank accounts, even said a name. When I asked this girl, which I will leave un named, she said her bank accounts were never touched, nothing. He hasn’t even disabled anyone.

    He is a con artist and a liar.

    I logged on one day to see that I was “dating” him apparently. I just went with it, because keep your friends close, keep your enemy’s closer.

    I wanted enough proof to completely slam him into the ground. I think I have it. Keep your eyes open for fakes, guys, they are everywhere.

  3. He actually posed as a guy named Adam and I sent naked images to him because he was my boyfriend, Tristin actually told me if I didn’t keep my mouth shut he would display them all over imvu and tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to talk to my friend lovette and lied saying she was on skype chat with Adam and Tristin which in fact she was not. I can’t believe I fell for his lies and scam.

  4. He has shared numerous girls pictures, he will screen shot you if you cam with him. He has even pulsed a girls naked pictures, and sent them to her family on her facebook. He will share the pics around too, even if you don’t want to see them, he will share them. I’ve seen poor Zombia’s pictures here unfortunately. He just randomly sent them. I was disgusted he would do such a thing, but not surprised.

    Machine was his alt, but now he has changed the name to LadyCrow, saying it’s his girlfriend irl. What a joke. I cannot wait for all of this to blow up in his face, he is getting really ignorant now.


    I am sure if confronted, he will just say that ‘Machine’ gave the account to someone else.

  5. This guy is nuts. He thinks he is a god on imvu. You know what that means don’t you? That in real life he is nothing. He is on here 24/7, doesn’t have a job….and if he love his child so much where is she? Because he certainly isnt’ spending time with them. How does a man in his late 30s get young girls to worship him. Are they that insecure and unloved that they obey this piece of shit? I feel sorry for Tristin actually. He always says people cause drama but he stirs the pot. He is a nobody in the real world trying to be somebody in the virtual world. One day he will be a lonely old man living in a crappy free nursing home thinking about his past he did nothing good. He is a burden to society.

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